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Moving office can be a massive task. If you are Moving Office or re-locating your business it needs careful, precise planning to minimise the impact on you, your staff and more importantly, your clients. Our dedicated business relocation team can complete the move in a timely and efficient manner. Our crews completely understand your business requirement to return to operational status as swiftly as possible and have a full appreciation for your environment.

“We at AMC Removals take great pride in assisting companies of all sizes moving office to make that move as swiftly and smoothly as possible whilst adhering to all Health & Safety Guidelines.” says Aubrey McCarthy, M.D. “Previously, we have been successfully moving offices for major media companies, antique centres, schools, Warehouse re-locations, and Production Facilities, Printing Companies, bloodstock Agencies, Architects, Solicitors, County Councils and manufacturing firms.

We have handled ‘sensitive’ moves ie Doctor’s surgery and Medical Centres, Solicitors and Auctioneering Companies where the swift and safe transport of confidential files to the new premises is imperative.

Alternatively, our fully heated, 24 hour monitored warehouse is ideal for the safe storage of archive filing, IT Equipment and furniture with competitive rates and Self Storage available to commercial clients. In order to minimise the disruption of business relocation for your company, we will work with you to meet your needs and, with proper pre-planning and packing, AMC Removals will ensure your company can maximise its potential and service to your customers with a successful, satisfied move!” Business Relocation &  Moving Office Services.

Business Decluttering

If you are the owner of a small business there are wide ranges of ways that AMC Removals can be a huge help. Stress building up alongside the pile of papers – we can provide a full confidential shredding service which can be done either on or off-site with back up certificates. Alternatively, we can offer off-site storage of your files/furniture and other office equipment. We can also provide a cleaning service so you can safely leave your offices ready for turnaround straight away.

We are Ireland’s leading premier organisation and business decluttering company. Our team will help you transform your business into a stylish and stress-free home.

Fed-up with the clutter and mess and not able to find anything? You know you should sort it out but getting started is usually the difficult part


Relocation Services for Businesses in Dublin

Moving office and business is a very stressful and demanding time for everyone from management to the staff, but we at AMC have the main significant essentials to a positive relocation. It is very simple – communication and Planning. Our main aim is to make sure every move is completed on time to ensure very little disruption to the work schedule for staff and to the customers more importantly. We are professional relocation service specialists who go above and beyond to meet all our client’s expectations and consistently deliver an outstanding service.


To save valuable time during your move to a new premise, we can get rid of and reuse any furniture that is not wanted for you and we can also clean your previous and new premises. We can save you the expense of hiring a disposal company, let us do the job for you. We can offer you complete peace of mind that all your waste is deposed of properly.

Crate Hire

We can provide you with computer and file crates for short and long-term leases. We can transport and issue any type of crates that you require for your move. We can also offer you a packing service or simply supply you with crates for files and computer crates for your own use. Our company offers a flexible and reliable service, catering for all your needs. Our experienced team will handle all the features of the crate hire so this will allow you to carry on with business as normal.


For us to make sure that your relocation runs smoothly with no delays, we provide you with a supervised move manager to help you throughout your move. Our experienced supervisors will be there from the beginning of your move, checking both your current office and new premises and will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Specialist Operatives

AMC have trained operatives that are specialised in lifting equipment to guarantee the safety of these items such as computer servers, safes, and tables. We understand that safety is key when moving your items, so we have experienced staff to be available to take apart any larger pieces of furniture such as reception desks, etc. Once you are into your new premises our trained staff are there and ready to help you with anything you need such as setting up your tv, hangings pictures, and much more. Our specialist operatives will set up a plan that will ensure a stress-free move and smooth transition to your new premises.

We have expanded over the years in the commercial division and have gained a lot of experience in moving with some of the most well-known companies in Ireland.


Moving a National Radio Station is no easy matter. However, AMC rose to the challenge and offered an efficient, professional and timely service. Their ‘hands-on, can-do’ attitude made it easy to deal with any unforeseen problems. I would have no hesitation in recommending AMC Removals
Thanks to the skill, care and determination of your staff, our move from England to Ireland was made less stressful and everything arrived safely and on time. When we chose a company to move us, we didn’t go for the cheapest quote but one that we thought looked best for us. I’m glad we did – many thanks to the AMC team, well done!
Caroline Davies, Today FM

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Company Name: Amc Removals
Company Founder: Aubrey McCarthy
Tel: 00353 (0) 45 874498
Address: AMC Removals Ltd,
The Elms, Punchestown,

Area: Nass
Region: Leinster
Postcode: Co Kildare
Country: Ireland

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Comment: Top service from AMC Removals. We moved premises recently which included relocating servers and confidential files. The move went without hitch and none of our business data was compromised.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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