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Moving Abroad from Ireland

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Moving abroad can be a very hectic time for anyone and if you are planning on moving, then you should begin to prepare yourself well in advance and make a checklist of everything that you need to get organised. Not everything is just about packing your belongings if you do not plan you may arrive at your new destination with some difficulties. Whichever country you are moving to, make sure to gather a lot of information about the place as it will come in very handy at any time. Search online, go to a library, or even ask a friend or family member who may have lived previously to where you are traveling to.

Items to organise before you leave

No matter where you are traveling to when you are moving abroad, you will still need these relevant documents for traveling. See this moving abroad checklist!


If you do not have a legal passport, then you need to apply for one. It is mandatory to travel anywhere in the world you must have a valid passport.

Health Issues:

Traveling to different countries you expose yourself to health risks in unfamiliar environments. Medical care can be taken before, during, and after your trip. Consult your doctor if there are any specific requirements or vaccinations that you may need.

Health Insurance:

If you are traveling outside the EEA, you should consider seeking health insurance before you travel.

Irish Driving Licence:

When moving abroad, you should consider checking if can you use or exchange your Irish driving license.

Working Abroad

If you are planning on working abroad within the EU or work in a country outside the EU, you can apply for jobs in the public sector. There are advertisements for jobs abroad in Irish and foreign newspapers as well as jobs listed on job websites to help you find work.

EU Work

If you are planning on working in the EU, you can also check with your local Intreo centre or local employment offices. They generally have a list of advertised vacancies on a noticeboard from a range of European countries.
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If you are considering working abroad in another country and would like to work in volunteering, there is a lot of helpful information online to help you with this.

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